ONYX is featured as one of the "10 Most Promising UX/UI Design Services Providers - 2020" by SiliconIndia


"When it comes to evaluating the traction of the User Experience and Customer Experience system in the India landscape, it appears that the market is still oblivious about the remark ability of these innovations. In the recent years, the concepts of UX & CX are gradually gaining momentum in the space, creating significant scopes and potentials for organizations who aspire to set themselves apart from the others in the industry. This evolution is the result of the futuristic endeavours of the inventive minds who strived to break off the conventional way and develop exclusive method that facilitates the UX & CX exigencies in the industry..." was how SiliconIndia describes about ONYX and placed us as one of the "10 Most Promising UX/UI Design Services Providers - 2020".

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Books authored by our founder Amolendu H.:

Below are the published books, authored by me. Please do read them and share your feedback.

The Golden Ratio In UX Design and other articles on user experience

12 articles on user experience design that can provide insights to the UX and digital designers who are designing for the real world. This is not a UX theory or methodology book, rather it’s written based on the experience by the author, who himself is a UX designer and have created a lot of digital experiences, used by many. A true but funny stat says: if you live a total 70 years you spent 21 years of that time on your mobile or computer device, and when you spend the time of these devices, you constantly interact with them ... as UX designers, our work is to make these interactions 'humane' and 'natural' as possible as it can be. Know more in Amazon...

UX Design Laws & Principles: Learn about 5 laws, 6 primary & 7 secondary principles

Hello, and welcome to the exciting and ever-evolving field of user experience (UX) design! In this book, we will go over a number of UX design laws and principles that are used by UX designers to design user interfaces that are effective, user-friendly, and pleasurable for the people who will be using them.To begin, we will talk about the principles of Gestalt design, which are useful for designers because they explain how the human brain organises and interprets visual information. Know more in Amazon...


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