Hire Dedicated UX Designer or Complete UX Team

Optimize Conversion & Increase Revenue with an Dedicated UX Designer or a Remote UX Team Save Up To 66% On Your UX & CX Design Cost!

We work exactly like an in-house UX team providing guarantee of on-time and perfect output. Our team includes professionals with multiple skill sets like researchers, analysts, UX designers and visual designers.

Why hire our team as your Remote UX team:

  • Trained team members with credibility
  • Onsite support whenever needed
  • Track performance and hours worked through monitoring softwares when you hire a dedicated team member
  • Avail great offers on hiring a complete team
  • You can start from just a one month retainer contract

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Hire a UX researcher, UX or UI designer fulltime, who will work for you 160 hrs. a month, 8 hrs. daily, dedicated only for you, like a fulltime team member at your organisation.

Suited for:
Start-Ups looking for a designer who will own the product and work on it with full focus
Minimum 1 month
Monthly Retainer
Onsite and Remote


Some of the clients who loved this process:

get a designer with
100% Ownership
& Dedication

Harness the uniqueness of your product by entrusting its design to creative minds exclusively dedicated to your project, ensuring optimal results.

At Onyx UX Design Studio, our committed UX researchers, UX designers, and UI designers take full ownership of your product. They seamlessly integrate design thinking into your organization, striving to deliver the finest product tailored to your needs.

  1. Curated Skillset:
    We meticulously select the best team members for dedicated resources, focusing on those with exceptional skills, relevant startup experience, and strong design capabilities coupled with effective communication skills.
  2. Full Dedication:
    Your designated designer commits to working five days a week, a minimum of 8 hours per day, totaling 160 hours per month, ensuring unwavering dedication to your project.
  3. Tracking & Monitoring:
    We offer comprehensive tracking and monitoring tools, providing real-time insights into clock-in, clock-out times, productive hours, and live screen tracking. This allows you to maximize the efficiency of your dedicated designer.
  4. Optimized ROI:
    Having one or more dedicated designers ensures swift delivery and undivided attention, resulting in top-tier product design and maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for your user experience.
  5. Zero Infrastructure Costs:
    Our designers come equipped with paid software licenses and laptops, eliminating additional infrastructure costs for you.


Hire a team of 1 UX and 1 UI designers, with a part time UX lead.

Suited for:
Start-ups with a limited budget for design
Minimum 3 months
Monthly Retainer
Only Remote


Some of the clients who loved this process:

Save 66% on UX Cost with
Complete UX Team

A full UX team, whenever you need

Access a comprehensive UX team whenever you require collaborative expertise across various design disciplines. Crafting an exceptional product necessitates a complete UX team, not a solo endeavor.

  1. Comprehensive Team Structure:
    Your dedicated team includes a UX designer with research skills paired with a UI or visual designer, providing a combined effort of up to 200 hours per month. The entire team is overseen by a seasoned senior UX lead.
  2. Tailored for Start-Ups:
    Our teams are meticulously curated with a blend of experience, ensuring that UX and UI designers bring valuable expertise from working with startup products. All our designers are adept with the latest design tools and have a proven track record with startup clients, making the team inherently startup-ready.
  3. Unlock up to 66% Savings on UX Costs:
    Benefit from a 2+2 person team, offering a wealth of combined experience totaling around 10 years, all at a fraction of the cost. This cost-effective arrangement allows you to create an outstanding product within an optimum budget.
  4. Zero Infrastructure Expenses:
    Team members come fully equipped with paid software licenses and laptops, eliminating any additional infrastructure costs for you.

7 reasons why hiring UX Design Studio's Dedicated Designers or Remote UX Team provides more value than an in-house team.

Leverage the expertise and experience of our talented team to get customised solutions at affordable rates.

No Rigid Contracts

Simply provide a one-month notice to conclude the work agreement. There are no lock-in terms, ensuring no risk to your business. Our service level arrangement is highly flexible, tailored to accommodate your specific business requirements.


We recruit and oversee the resources essential for your project. Our infrastructure is capable of handling workloads ranging from 5 to 100+ hours per week.

Highly Experienced Experts

We are dedicated to surpassing your expectations through our extensive experience and expertise, providing results that go beyond typical contractual agreements. Benefit from years of expertise at an entry-level cost.


Achieve up to a 66% savings on your UX & CX design costs! Our rates are more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee – guaranteed.


Get it right from the start. Our designs not only stand out but also embody innovation and engagement. Let our talent propel you towards your goals.

Flexible Working Model

We undertake projects through one-time engagements, retainer agreements, or by deploying a dedicated full-time remote UX team. All these working modes are customizable to suit your specific business requirements.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

We will provide a Relationship Manager according to your project's requirements, with availability for up to 40 hours a week if necessary. Your dedicated Relationship Manager will collaborate closely with you, sharing ownership of the project to ensure optimal delivery.


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