Onyx UX Design Studio Terms and Conditions

If you enter into a service agreement with Onyx UX Design Studio UX Studio, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use. These terms and conditions govern the supply of services by us to you.

Complete ownership of the services and product

The client can claim the full ownership of the product or services only after making the final payment. If the final payment is not made within the stipulated time period, the ownership of the service and product will lie with Onyx UX Design Studio UX Studio and the organization can use the same until all dues are cleared by the client.

Approval Time

When we offer our products to clients, their feedback is very important to the improvement of our services.However, if the client wants any change in the service or product delivered by us, he will have a total time of 15 days from the date of delivery of the final product to assess and approve it. In case, the client fails to provide his feedback and approval within the said period, it will be assumed by us that the product has been approved and any request to make changes thereafter will incur extra charges.


We do not share, disclose and transfer any confidential information provided by the client to any third person or party and hence expect that the client and his organization follow the same rule and do not disclose any confidential information and project details to any third person or party.


Onyx UX Design Studio UX Studio states it categorically that it will not be responsible to pay for any damage to the product once the final product is delivered from our end. It will, however, look into the issues covered in the service agreement and warranty given to the client.

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