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We Create Futuristic Experiences for Innovation Hubs and Experience Centres

We help you showcase your innovations to your global clients with custom-made futuristic experiences that leaves an spellbounding impact.

  • Design, Programming and Implementation of Command Centre
  • Designing and programming custom content for Multi Touch Tables
  • Custom Experience Design and Development for Robots with Voice UX
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Design and Development
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Design and Development
  • Bespoke 360 degree Experience design for Igloo
  • Futuristic Content design for Transparent OLED display
  • Interactive content for Large Displays
  • Design for Interactive Kiosks

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Command Center

We design, program and implement Command Centre using live data streams as per clients' requirement.

You may choose to show your or your client's stock's live feed or newsfeed about your company from all over the world or any custom data in the way you want to display, everything is managable from a Content Management System (CMS) and all will be designed in a futuristic theme as per your need.

Tailor-Made Content for Multi Touch Table

One of our specialty is creating custom designed apps for touch tables that resides in your innovation center.

The touch table can be from any vendor, we can create contents that runs on multi touch by fingers or you can attach functions with provided markers and create magical experiences. For example, you create a marker shaped of a specific brand's car model, and when clients from that car company visits your experience center, you place that 'car' on the touch table and videos and other files related to that specific car brand starts playing... that would surely amaze your client.

Voice+Display Enabled Experiences for Robots

Have a Robot at your experience center? We have got the perfect solutions!

The specialised team at Web2UI is exploring the ways to find more intoxicating ways to interact with Robots by mixing the Voice User Experience and Normal display based experiences, and we havesolutions like "Robot Receptionist", "Robot Waiter" or "Robo-Assistance".

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the future of experience and the quickly you can have some of those at your experience hub, the better.

Your product or services may be anything, our team is capable of creating the perfect solutions, based on Android or iOS and make your requirement of Augmented Reality come true.

Virtual Reality

Want to give youe client an aewsome personalised experience? Develop a Virtual Reality program by us.

Our experience designers are always keen on finding new ways of creating a personalised experience that makes a user lose in his virtual world, while they use an interactive VR app, created by us.

360 Degree Immersive Experiences

The future of immersive experience is 360 Degree!

What if you could experience a view.. not just having a look ON it, rather see it while you are INSIDE it? That immersive experience is possible with a 360 degree experience which is provided by many hardware vendors, one of them is Igloo. We have created content for such experiences that leaves the clients with a mesmerising experience.

Bespoke Content for Transparent OLED

Remember what kind of display does Tony Stark, the Iron Man uses? Why not let your clients use the same experience... for once?

That is possible.. with a Transparent OLED screen and a perfect futuristic experience design from Web2UI, backed up by perfect content management system (CMS), can make that happen... try showing any kind of data or any product of yours in such a transparent screen and see how your clients loves to experience it.

Custom Content for Large Display

One of the most common hardware setup in most of the innovation hubs, are the large displayes, which needs a perfectly curated content that fits the screens seamlessly and gives the best output, who else than us is an expert on creating that?

Content for Interactive Kiosks

Interactive Kiosks, it may be on a airport or in your experience centre or at a shopping mall, it can always give a goosebump to a tech-savvy customer! if you can create some dynamic and interactive content, like an e-commerce, or a 'Try and Buy' feature for apparel or accessories, we guarantee that to be a super hit!

Connect with us to get yours product displayes on the interactive kiosks today!

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