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Website visitors are mere ‘audiences’ and to be able to capture their interests and convert them to a ‘customer’ is a task that most e-commerce companies have been struggling to achieve. An e-commerce company is an online showcase of products and if they are unable to keep their audience hooked for long, or not cause a conversion, then the design demands some review.


Designers creating UX experiences for e-commerce websites need to be indulgent of not only the technical demands, but the pattern that drive sales and comebacks.

While a UX designer might be well accustomed to research-oriented design strategies. Making the use of attractive tools and templates, eye trackers to identify the most viewed area on the screen, a pupilometer that measures the dilating and shrinking pupils, FMRI's that would capture the brain triggers, what the future designs would require is much beyond this.

TAPE is a concept that evokes Trust, Attachment, Persuasion, and Emotion in your product users and turns them into your permanent customer. Let us see how what brings TAPE to the E-Commerce user experience.


An e-commerce website has a lot to offer. Keeping design in check, the parameters that are accounted for trust are:



  • HTTPS site: A site secured with HTTPS means total control on client data, payment gateways and hacker-proof experience.

  • Easy and Secured Checkout process: Make the check out process simple and secured, so customers can pay without any risk, and make it quick and smooth. The feel of security is most important.

  • Brand Logo: Logos are an identify that establish a visual trust in the clients. Logos are associated with the values a company offers and it's not just imagery.

  • Authentic customer reviews: Authentic reviews are a door to engaging new audiences. Building credibility through existing clients and their reviews is the purest way to sell.

  • Comparative Analysis: Offering a comparative analysis of one product and assorted brands makes decision making easier thereby enhancing trust in a particular product or choice.
  • Awards & Recognitions: Displaying your winning ability or acknowledgement of your service is proof of the expertise you are offering. Make your awards and recognitions visible to the audience visiting your site.

  • Social Proofs: How many people have opted for this product or how have they rated this product is social proof we all delve into when we purchase a food product or even the costliest electronic device.

  • Physical Address: A physical address gives a definite existence to the e-commerce site. The physical address is proof of identity and acts as a traditional way of reaching out in case of unresolved queries or complaints.

  • Online Payment: Websites with secured payment gateway and processes build trust for the next transactions.

  • One-click Opt-Out process: Make the exit process simpler for easy opt-out if someone doesn't want to get contacted by the website.




Attachment is the longing a design creates. Often a product is so enthralling that it engages its audience with the comfort, aesthetics, convenience, processing, and reach.



  • Optimized for Mobile: 70% of e-commerce sales are affected by mobile shopping. Your e-commerce site should be mobile friendly to create that necessary attachment with your clientele.

  • Multiple Touch Points: Engage the audience by offering multiple touchpoints for the purpose they are on your site. Ensure your site is designed to ease the audience's browsing journey.

  • Live chats and Chat bots: A chatbot is an automated customer support feature that some e-commerce companies offer to promptly clear their audience query, while Live chat is managed by a real person from the back end. Once the audience is on your site, make the audience affect an action by answering all queries and challenges before they think of leaving the website.













Persuasion only comes after Trust and Attachment are established, and to fuel Persuasion further is Emotion. Audience come with a set of expectations when on a site and to be able to leverage that expectation to conversion is persuasion.


A Good Catalogue:

A catalogue that is promising of good design and high-resolution professional photographs means half the convincing is done. Good photographs create value beyond words and are the first shortlisting criteria on any ecommerce website.


Regular discounts, special discounts, timely discounts, seasonal discounts, member discounts and newbies discounts all packaged well can ease the buying process for audiences.

Offers that attract:

Offers that are too good to be true, relatable, and easily encashing are key drivers to continuous business. Avoid offers that come with hidden agendas and are dark layered.


Clarity in shipping costs:

Shipping cost is an extra expense the client has to bear and thus clarification on the regular shipping cost, discounted shipping costs, or no shipping costs are well appreciated.

Call to Action:

Give away action points like Add to cart or Buy Now that are instant triggers and affect sales. Make the apt use of these triggers at multiple touchpoints.

Payment offers:

Various payment offers including Low EMI options are indicators that enhance persuasion.





This parameter shuns all the practical and technological barriers and captures the human side in making decisions.



Product or brand reliability comes with transparent processes, easy communication, prompt notifications and living to the said commitments.


Sometimes affordability is about trading quality for a price and not just price tag. Being affordable would stand a test of product life, performance and repeat orders.

Simplified navigation:

Simplified navigation means ease of browsing, logical placement of options and solutions to affect a call for action.


Browsing speed:

A good e-commerce website would offer a superior browsing experience with well-optimized images that would not leave an idle moment for the audience to look back.

Driving Scarcity:

Limited stock options drive the scarcity syndrome that makes your audience act sooner on decisions.

Memory Hooks:

Product presentation, design, pricing, and fear of scarcity all can be compounded to create memory hooks for positive revisits.




Design is a subject deep to fathom and TAPE enables you to go deeper to plant multiple triggers that could lead to a definite call to action.

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